Explore The Elements - Photo Challenge

I recently came across this awesome photo competition that is focused around four key elements of nature. Thomas Cook has hosted the contest and are offering up some great prizes for the winners. Check out my images below and join the competition by clicking here.

Air - Associated with will, elusiveness, evasiveness, benevolence, compassion, and wisdom.

For the air category I chose my image titled "Windmills of Wyoming" for its balanced composition and its representation of our knowledge to utilize a key element of our planet to produce a cleaner source of energy.

Earth - Associated with stubbornness, collectiveness , physicality and gravity.

My image "Moab at Sunset" was chosen for the earth category for its powerful structure of the rock formation in the background. It combines both the earth and air elements and places you directly in the scene with the angle I selected when taking this image.

Water - Associated with emotion, defensiveness, adaptability, flexibility, suppleness, and magnetism.

"The Great Salt Lake" was more of an abstract choice to the water category. While the flow of water isn't exactly present in the image, there is an element of wonder that is brought on by this picture. The brine shrimp at the edge of the lake provided these vibrant red's and pinks which transition into the blues of the sky. With Antelope island in center of the image you are immediately drawn to that earthly element that is almost floating on this colorful liquid we call The Great Salt Lake.

Fire - Associated with security, motivation, desire, intention, and an outgoing spirit.

For the fire category I wanted to go a different direction. I chose my image "Bend in the Leaf" because of shape being reminiscent with a flame. The black and white tones read more of a charred look and the bottom left edge of the leaf has been slightly burned away. For me this image is about the remnants of a fire symbolizing the growth that comes after.