I’ve always been fascinated by the world around me. As a young kid I would rather be outdoors exploring my environment rather than cooped up in a room playing video games. As I got older my youthful curiosity began to take shape in the form of art. From painting to drawing to photography, all art forms were an outlet for me to showcase how I viewed the world around me. Photography has provided me with the tools to document my life, my community and the world as a whole.

Since 2008 I have been traveling the world and exploring my own home all while learning how to read light and utilize key aspects of the environment – the single most important factors that shapes my images. Whether I am working in a controlled lighting environment or outdoors at the mercy of the weather, I strive to make each image stand out in its own unique way. I treat every image as a balancing match of light and subject matter to tell a complete story. 

Photography as an art form is one that requires constant change and evolution on the part of the photographer. While I am considered a professional in my field I still maintain the mentality of a student so as to never become complacent in an industry that demands that you try new things. As the years pass I still push myself outside the box to explore new and unique ways to portray any and all subjects.