Awards & Publications

  • Various publications in Salt Lake based SLUG Magazine
  • Society of Professional Journalism - 1st place Feature Photography 2015.
  • - Photo Feature in March of 2015 for "Waiting at the Louvre".
  • National Geographic -  Editors Choice for the Daily Dozen feature January 2015 for "Working the Fields"
  • January 2013 - Era Gallery Top 12 featured artists of the month Lightbox Exhibition
  • UK based Professional Photographer Magazine - 2012 Professional Photographer of the Year: Street Category
  •  ECHO Foundation - "March of the Protestor" was among the few selected entries to be included on the Charlotte Observer's website illustrating the concept of fighting injustice 
  •  National Geographic -  Editors Choice for the Daily Dozen feature December 2012 for "The Curve".
  • Emaho Internation Exhibition -  "Sitting, Waiting, Wishing" was selected to be on display in Singapore and New Dehli from a pool of more than 3,000 entries worldwide
  • "The Freefall Review" Spring 2009 - "David at the Beach" was featured alongside a short poem written by another artist.



For the past 10 years I have worked tirelessly to refine my craft as a photographer. My focus of each image transcends the content of the work to include subtle design and lighting choices that create an overall memory of the subject matter. I have worked hard to provide imagery of all kinds broadening my reach to many outlets through portraiture and travel. I have had the opportunity to have my work displayed and collected by people from all over the world ranging from the United Arab Emirates to Belgium.At my home in Salt Lake City, Utah I review, sign and package all my prints before they make their way to their new homes in businesses, households and galleries in every corner of the globe. 

Book A Shoot/Request a Print

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phone: 801.971.6387